With apologies to Mr. S.

Sixty-four Channels,
Always Somethin' On

Dancing in the dark with my 286
In the tunnel of love DOS did its tricks.
My daddy said son when it comes right down
You were born to run in lucky town.

Lucky town.

But the E Street shuffle on this Windoze of mine
Is like a tour of 'Nam in '69.
The hard drive flops like a sad old clown
And leaves me in the darkness at the edge of town.

My home town.

Been to Asbury Park, to Nebraska and back.
Finally got a machine that screams--it's a Mac.
Meeting cross the river, just Bobby and me,
With real windows and that RISC-chip we're free.

[BRIDGE] and tunnel

Easy's not wrong in this book of mine
If I can do what I want in half the time.
So drop on by, your system's never down
Workin' and playin' in your home town.

That's Old Town.

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