Old Town Metro Travel Sites

Good To Go

Visit the subway systems of the USA and the World.
Help fly AirAmerica, the virtual airline of the Internet.

Getting there is half the fun

Old Town's Library has English Dictionaries for French, Spanish, German, and Italian.
Calculate travel distances.
MapQuest has street maps of the U.S., but first . . .
. . .Is it Columbus, OH or Columbus, GA? Search by Place and get the facts.
Check for known speed traps and never get another ticket.
Web Weather for the USA
Get the date and time for any location on the planet.
Make travel arrangements or become your own travel agent.
Airline toll-free numbers
AmericanUnitedSouthwestoffer up to 75% off for do-it-yourself Internet reservations

Oh, the places you'll go

Plan your mercenary maneuvers with world-wide U.S. intelligence climate/weather, social/political, news/disasters, and extensive maps.
Check international travel requirements.
Consult State Department travel advisories and visa requirements.
Harboring on the Love Boat or harboring a tropical love bug? Stay healthy.
The truth about The Bermuda Triangle.
Find far flung facts for over a thousand major cities worldwide.
No luck? Then, try this information for more cities all over the world.
Tour the USA CityLink Project.
Visit the Embassy Page.

And Yet Another Tray of Slides from Our Vacation

Browse through Travel Weekly for tons of travel tips.
Starry-eyed you wander, lost in your deep thoughts and dreams of faraway?
Enjoy travel pictures by pros.
Plainly told, yet powerful in the telling: The first Walk around the World.
Plan to visit Yogi and Bubba in Jellystone (or any other) National Park.
HotWired Down Under, the Internet Australasia 'zine
Highlighting 5,000 years of literature, art, and history: China the Beautiful
South of the Border: Destination Mexico hosts a slide show with tourist tips
A cultural and travel magazine with photos: Tokyo Kaleido Scoop
Conde Nast Traveler magazine

Some People Can Thrive and Bloom, Livin' Life in a Livin' Room

Take a virtual tour bus through cities all over the world.
Meringue down Miami's South Beach. Stop in at the Bird Cage.
Surf to a virtual holiday in Hawaii.
How about a stroll through an interactive Paris? You'll never want to leave.
Why stop? Take the Tour de France on a map of its internet sites, many in English.
Visit the sun swept paradise that is Belize.
Beer-drinking and skiing via the Bavaria Alpine Net Guide
Hotels, spas, and retreats as you Travel Italy
Travel and culture by region to Discover Spain
Trace your lineage, you have an Inn with Camelot International (all of the British isles)
Beautiful site devoted to travel, culture, and news: Culture Chinoise
Brazil's Rio is a never-ending dream wanting only you
The Washington DC City Pages.

If you are still searching try the Global Network Navigator.

Would you like to look at the map of places?
would you like to walk around?
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