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Listen to hot WROT where stars, sounds, and sites abound.
Bringing you stax to the max of old and new wax.

W-R-O-T: So Hot, It's Cool.

"I'll catch the mystery train that gets me/ there on time to my old home town and those memories/ In my mind now I can hear the music of a steel guitar/ You can see the beauty of the evenin' star/ and my dear old mammy's glad to see me back/ Glad I bought a ticket on a one-way track" - "Mississippi River" Elvis Presley

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David Sanborn

Suzanne Vega

Hootie and the Blowfish

David Bowie

Addicted to Noise

The Grateful Dead


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Maybe now you need an eyeful to go with your earful.
So, if you'd like something visual (that's not too abysmal),
How about going to the Old Town Cinema for a movie?

Or would you like to look at the map of places?
Would you like to walk around?
Or would you like to return to the Crossroads?