Getting the Most Out of Getting Around

Okay, now we realize everyone has a different browser, platform, modem speed, and colors preference setting, which means everyone gets their own personalized version of 0ld Town and the Web.
If you are running Netscape on Windows or a Mac with 256 colors and a 14.4 or faster modem, you should have smooth sailing. If you are on another combination, you may get splashed a little and not see everything as we intended, but you still should be able to enjoy most of the pages.

We hope, everyone can see this page as boring black text on grey.

(tip) Don't be discouraged by all of this text. We may try to explain everything, but have already done a lot of it for you. We really do want you to enjoy yourself in Old Town.

If You Are Having Trouble Seeing

Make sure that your monitor is set to 256 colors or more. If you don't have that option, then set the preferences in your browser to use your default colors and it will override ours.

Three Ways to Visit

These three options appear at the bottom of every page in Old Town.
The first option is choosing the Map. This is the direct route to major features of Old Town. It is a good choice if you are in a hurry or have a slower modem. Choosing the map brings you to a page that allows you to pick various buildings by selecting the text on the left side of the page (i.e., Cinema, Campus, Diner, etc.). For example, choosing the Cinema will bring you directly inside with links to movies and TV stuff, the diner will lead you to interesting food sites, and the Campus Library will bring you to a collection of books for literature, art, references, searching the Web, and more.

The second option is choosing Walk. This takes you to major buildings ANDand a few extra hidden fun ones. (tip)Clicking on the buildings will take you inside to the pages of links. Walk is a good choice if you like graphics and enjoy exploring. The Walk option brings you to a page that allows you to view the town from different points on the compass. After choosing a direction you have the options to link to the buildings within your view (e.g.,. Cinema, the Fun Shed, the Gallery).

The Third option, also on all pages is the Crossroads, which will take you back to the Old Town Crossroads where you just were.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

If you are experiencing any problems or have any comments, let us know at gicorp@gic.net