The Right Tool . . .

Old Town is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 2.0 using 256 colors.
Set Fonts & Colors preferences to "let document override" your defaults.Also, choosing the font Geneva gives excellent readablity.
You can get the latest Netscape version here for free.

. . . for the Right Job

Enormous Shareware Extravaganza
Macintosh Helper Applications
Jumbo collection of shareware
ZD Net Ziff-Davis software library
Macintosh Internet Tools for windows shareware
The Ultimate Collections Winsocks Applications
Create your own imagemaps with Mapedit (Windows)
Write your html with Hotdog (also windows)
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML: Hypertext Markup Language
LUDWEB/Hot Web Design
Columbia University CGI Scripts
Weblint Webchecker To Catch and Correct HTML Errors FAQs about Fonts
SurfWatch is a popular choice offering Parental Control.

Some Plug-ins

RealAudio for live audio
Macromedia Shockwave for multimedia
FutureWave for fast download animations
Quicktime Website (Also, check out our own 3D movie inside the Old Town Theatre.)
Virtus VRML Voyager
Netscape Plug-in page

The Old Town University Library has a collection of images, backgrounds, and icons.
Look at the Image book, one of the many helpful tomes.

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