Welcome to the 0ld Town Trophy Shelf

Well, some awards and recognition are coming in sooner than we can find places to put them. (Our oak shelving and glass panels are still on order.) Special thanks to the individuals responsible for selecting our site. We hope the exposure will allow more people to enjoy 0ld Town.

And thanks for sharing our 15 minutes.

AOL NetFind: Reviews
AOL Best of the Web, July 1, 1997

CCI Link of the Week
Computer Currents Interactive, September 9, 1996

Excite 3-Star Review
3-Stars, Reviewed August 3, 1996

Golden Nugget Site of the Week
Golden Nugget Site of the Week, July 19, 1996

Executive Times
July 1996

 Ping Magazine
July 1996

A Web-Star "10" , LynxOfTheWeek, July 12, 1996
A Web-Star "10" , LynxOfTheWeek, July 12, 1996

Cyber.Net Magazine
Número 12: Junho 1996

McKinley Magellian 3 star site
Reviewed, June 13, 1996

Jayde Gold Diamond Award
May 29, 1996

Info Service Super Site
Hot Link of the Day, May 24, 1996

Info Service Super Site
May 20, 1996

.net Hit Parade
Hit Parade, May 7, 1996

Blue Planet's Cool Site of the Day
May 3, 1996

 Whats New
BobaWorld, April 29, 1996

The Spiders' Pick of the Day
April 13, 1996

NetSurfer Digest
Featured April 3, 1996

Feature article, March 11, 1996

Honorable Mention WLYN 1360 AM
WLYN Radio, February 26, 1996

Yahoo: What's New
February 22, 1996

February 21, 1996

EarthLnks What's Hot
EarthLink, February 21, 1996

Tour 'D Net
D' Best, February 18, 1996

CooLynx of the Day
February 6, 1996

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