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International Artist helps Everyone to Become More Courageously Creative through His New Blog


David Goldstein
Blog www.courageouslycreative.com
Website: www.davidbgoldstein.com

New York, - Internationally recognized watercolor artist, David B. Goldstein, recently back from living in Hong Kong, reveals timely ideas that can help everyone to be more creative through his new blog called Courageously Creative.

In today's economic environment, creativity and innovation are necessary skills that can be enhanced by looking toward the arts. Providing ideas to rethink and boost creativity, the newly launched blog connects current topics with principles of creativity to help make the reader more competitive. "In my artwork I love to make connections," said Goldstein and "similarly I enjoy connecting topics in a way that can help others be more creative in their own way."

The idea was partially inspired by Goldstein's two recent solo exhibitions by invitation from the Arts Council of Fairfax as part of their "Art in the Workplace" program. These exhibits were part of a greater project to foster creativity and innovation in the workplace. The exhibition is described on The Museum of Modern Art's website under the title "Fueling Creativity, Igniting Minds, Providing Inspiration." The Courageously Creative blog directly aims to inspire by encompassing topics such as "Risk Taking," "Competiveness," "Innovation," and makes predictions about future possibilities.

Creativity is not only for artists. Creativity can be used to bring innovative solutions for technology and business to improve productivity and competiveness but it's also used to solve some of the world's ever changing problems. Creativity is needed to find efficient and alternative energy, to promote peace by finding common ground among warring factions, to spread ideas that improve human rights, to improve our education system, and to make governments more efficient. All of these themes can benefit from new ways to use our natural creativity. Goldstein says "creativity is not longer a luxury, it's now a necessity."

Titles and articles are meant to be accessible. Not everyone paints or sings but everyone eats and "Adventures in the International Aisle" encourages readers to try something new by focusing on food. "9 Things That Could Happen" makes predictions about the media and entertainment industry; "New Fruit on an Old Tree" explores what make the Apple Computer and the Beatles endure and "Barriers can be ladders" shows when to embrace and when to ignore criticism.

The aim is to give people confidence to take some risks by trying something new and the blog designed to be forum to share ideas. Today's economy demands that people boost their creativity so that they can excel in their field.

About the Site:

Updated weekly, the blog is reached at: www.courageouslycreative.com
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About David B. Goldstein:

Goldstein is a native of New York and spends his time both there and in Virginia. He is currently authoring a book on creativity and personality in collaboration with a world renowned author and expert on personality types. He has exhibited his paintings in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Rome and Hong Kong. His London scene, "Red Bus" was published in "Splash 9", a showcase of the best of contemporary watercolor. Goldstein style has been described as "representational" with a "controlled spontaneity." His compelling images register as emotional and geographic reference points in the minds and hearts of viewers. David is largely self taught, but has studied in the US with several prominent watercolorists and has studied Chinese painting in the style of the Lingnan School at the Hong Kong Art School, and currently studies at the Student Art League of New York. Unlike many other artists, Goldstein has an M.B.A. in Management of Science, Technology and Innovation. David has been quoted on ArtistNetwork.com for his unique techniques and his shows have been described in the South China Morning Post, Where, Hong Kong Magazine, The Peak Magazine, Orientations, RTHK Radio 3, The Jewish Times of Asia among others. His creative process, online gallery and films about his work can be found at www.davidbgoldstein.com .