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Welcome to our press center. Like a trip to a theme park or a visit to a new city, 0ld Town Crossroads can take hours or even days to fully explore. In appreciating that you have limited time, we have developed this page as a briefing to point out some of the highlights. This is only meant as a guide; feel free to roam the streets and leave the paths. Don't hesitate to let me know if I could provide any assistance. I hope you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoyed creating the environs of 0ld Town.

David Goldstein


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Press releases

Announcing 3D Interactive World Approach for Exploring the Web.
Announcing New Fun Approach for Students to Exploring the Web.
Announcing New User-Friendly Approach for Exploring the Web

Background information

Quick links to the highlights

Crossroads is the normal starting point to 0ld Town.
Go to the map of the town with an index of sites.
The beginning of the walking tour.
View of the town from the North.
View of the town from the East.
For an overview of the whole town see the big picture.
Visit the campus. to search for jobs, or just hang-out.
Look at the books in the library.
Listen to some music at Old Town Radio.
Take a look at the newspaper office.
Go inside and read a newspaper.
Go to the gallery to see some artwork.
Try the diner for a snack.
Go to the cinema for movies and entertainment.
Make your next travel plans at the metro.
Go to the townhall for the latest election news.
See what a netmare is like.
Become a citizen of Old Town.
If you are having difficulties, here is some help.

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Contact Information

David Goldstein, President and Producer
Graphic Imaging Corporation
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Arlington VA 22204
Phone: (703) 553-3391
Fax: (703) 553-0899
e-mail: gicorp@gic.net

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Other sites of interest to journalists

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A Reporter's Internet Survival Guide
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The Reporters Network
Editor & Publisher Home Page
Investigative Journalism on the Internet
Alta Vista
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